A Guide for Improving Cyber Safety for Your Business

How secure is your business’s cybersecurity? 64% of companies globally have experienced at least one form of cyber attack, so cyber safety is paramount. 

Now is the time to improve cybersecurity for your business. Attacks continue to become more advanced, and no company is exempt from security breaches. Breaches can include viruses, phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

These cyber breaches put your data, equipment, money, and even your business at risk. So, what can you do to improve your business’s cyber safety and prevent attacks?

Here is the ultimate guide on how to better cyber safety for your business. 

Perform a Risk Assessment 

One of the best places to start improving your cyber safety is to perform a risk assessment. It can help you focus your business cybersecurity plan and know what to address first. Consider the potential threats your business could face, such as:

  • Who has access to business data
  • How your data is stored
  • How breaches would impact your company
  • Password management 
  • Your cybersecurity policies 

Once you have completed your risk assessment, you will better understand risk levels and where to start improving your cybersecurity policies. Although many businesses are concerned about cybersecurity threats, less than half have a cybersecurity policy. A cybersecurity policy can ensure all employees are on the same page and there is a plan in place if there is a breach. 

Train Your Employees

Implementing cybersecurity steps is no use if your employees do not understand network and internet safety. Providing training for employees on cybersecurity practices can significantly reduce the chance of cyberattacks. Training can include:

  • Spotting suspicious downloads
  • Recognizing phishing emails 
  • The best internet safety practices 
  • Protecting business and customer information

With more employees working remotely than ever, it is essential to be clear about safely accessing networks and using systems. Training will ensure employees are aware of common cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them. It is also essential they know the consequences of going against cybersecurity policies, so everyone takes your business security seriously. 

Invest in Software and Update It 

Your networks and equipment need the right software to protect your business from cyberattacks. Ensure you have reputable security software such as antivirus software, which regularly scans equipment for threats.

However, you also need to keep your equipment and the software updated. Some software updates automatically. Check software settings, as otherwise, hackers can find weaknesses in code and breach security software. 

Secure Your Networks 

Along with security software, take steps to secure your business networks. For example, Wi-Fi security is essential to prevent cyber breaches for customers and employees. After all, data is easily accessible by internet connection, so weak Wi-Fi security is an easy way for hackers to install malware on your device, leading to cyberattacks.

Along with a firewall to separate business networks from Wi-Fi, consider encrypting your Wi-Fi connection with WPA2 encryption. It means that even if hackers get access to your network, the data they access is useless. 

Also, change your default Wi-Fi login and password. Consider providing a separate guest login for customers, which is different from employee access.

Another way to improve Wi-FI security is to keep its software updated, so it continues to run smoothly. Also, secure your actual router, so it is out of public reach. 

Back up Business Data

As they say, preparation is better than cure. There is nothing worse than losing essential business and customer data.

Set up a regular schedule to back up all business data. This is not just to ensure your business data is protected if there is a security breach, but it allows you to store copies in different places, such as in a business cloud or offsite. 

Control Data Access 

Assess who needs access to business data. Not all employees will need the same level of access, so begin to control data access to reduce breaches. It is easier to manage cyber security if you are aware of who has access to what business data.

You can create user accounts and one-time passwords for employees to access specific systems. Also, control physical access to data by reviewing IT equipment security. For example, do all employees need to take work laptops home with them, or can you update networks so staff can securely log in from any device? 

Improve Password Security 

Implement a password policy, so employees have to create strong passwords and update them every few months. You can also install multi-factor authentication, which requires additional information for someone to login into a system, such as a secret password or confirmation on a different device.

It is also essential to ask partners and vendors, such as financial organizations, how they can secure your accounts, so hackers do not gain access to your business through other systems. They should also have multi-factor authentication and other steps to improve account security.  

Update Payment Processing 

When you improve cybersecurity, do not forget about your business processes, such as payment processing. For example, you might want to implement additional security obligations with your banks or have a separate computer to process payments.

Ensure that the most reputable tools and anti-fraud systems are in place to protect all payments from breaches. 

Get Cyber Safety Support 

If you are unsure how to better cyber safety for your business, consider hiring IT support. It can be difficult for companies to keep up to date with security risks, so you can easily fall behind with your IT infrastructure. A professional cybersecurity company can efficiently manage your business cybersecurity. 

Protect Your Business’s Cybersecurity

Follow this guide to improve your business’s cyber safety. As a business owner, it can be hard to find the time to make all the necessary changes to keep your business secure. CSECURELY is the trusted system you need to help protect your business. 

We offer all the tools your business needs to stay secure and have a fast remediating response to keep your business running smoothly. We offer everything from vulnerability detection to data analysis. Book a consultation today to learn about our security monitoring systems.