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Security is a continuous process, gaining insights for formulating an effective Information Security policy and maintaining customer confidence is critical for all industries and CSECURELY’s Security Suite helps you stay ahead in this ever expanding battle with hackers.

small businesses

For Small Businesses

For a small business, Our Managed Security Service enables the outsourcing of cybersecurity services. Likewise outsourcing your recruiting, legal services and other services, outsourcing Your cybersecurity needs will help you the smaller and middle-sized businesses focus on your core functions. There is also a range of packages to better tailor to the business' security needs. When outsourcing to CSECURELY, your business benefits from 24-hour monitoring and in the event of any issue, CSECURELY be will be ready to respond or prevent incidents. 

The benefits of Working with us: 

  1. High-tech service systems
  2. Lower costs than recruiting a specialised IT department in your company
  3. Save on the time and resource of hiring and training IT specialists 
  4. Incident response, restorative services etc. 

For Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services accounted for over 24% of all data breaches according to Verizon’s Data Breaches Investigations Report. This is the highest across any other industry vertical. Unsanctioned applications, BYOD devices, unprotected devices and public cloud services have rapidly expanded the cyber risk exposure for Financial services firms and staying on top is critical for business continuity.


For Healthcare

Because of the wealth of personal data with Healthcare companies, they have become a soft target for hackers and cyber criminals wanting to sell that data for profit. With IoT devices being adopted extensively in healthcare, the attack surface is exploding. In this dynamic environment, it is important to protect patients and their confidential data especially given strict HIPAA norms.


For Retail

By virtue of the business, Retailers tend to have large geographically spread IT infrastructure, Point of Sale (PoS) systems and eCommerce front-ends – all presenting a tempting target for cyber criminals given huge personal data, credit card data and more. It is important to leverage the latest vulnerability detection technologies that will help achieve PCI DSS compliance.


For Education

In a world where the modern attack surface is constantly evolving, continuous monitoring and vulnerability assessment is more critical than ever. More so in the Education sector where children and young adults are constantly trying out new and potentially dangerous web-sites or installing new software. There is a need in all schools and universities to plan and set in place continuous monitoring & vulnerability assessments to keep the IT infrastructure safe from cyber exploits.


For Manufacturing

Protection of sensitive customer, organizational and employee data from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or destruction is critical as is the protection of systems on the manufacturing factory floor. A key component in the IS planning of manufacturing companies involves regular and in many cases continuous monitoring & analysis to ensure that all key systems are adequately protected.


For Nonprofits

Just like all other organizations today, nonprofits and associations rely increasingly on digital technology to accomplish their mission and provide services and benefits to their members.

But unlike many other organizations, nonprofits and associations often fail to realize that there are many serious risks associated with operating online—risks that could severely compromise their ability to provide services and even force them to shut their doors.

The gap between the cybersecurity risks that nonprofits and associations face today and the actions required to address them invites opportunistic cybercriminals with no conscience.

What Makes Us Different

24X7 Continuous Monitoring
Always on threat detection in real-time
100% US Residents & located in Atlanta, GA
Security Stack
CSECURELY boasts of all technologies leveraged in our solution stack.
No Hardware Required!
Our SOC is powered by CSECURELY’s Cloud Platform requiring no stinking hardware!

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